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Q. How can I see samples of your printing work?

A. Drop us an email through the contact us section, stating which samples you need, an address to send them to and we will post them to you.

Q. Am I obliged to do anything after creating an account?

A. No, you are not obliged to create or book any orders. In fact, you are only obliged to accept your beautifully finished, environmentally conscious order after you have paid! If you do create orders and decide to cancel, we do not charge you any cancellation fees or hold you to the order, but we do ask that you can let us know straight away if you need to cancel.

Q. What is Stitch & Trim?

A. Stitch and Trim is a method of binding one or more printed sections together, with or without a cover, by means of wire staples (stitches) through the spine and centrefold. Otherwise known as Booklet Making or Stitched. Stitch and Trim comes free of charge with Quarterfold newspapers.

Q. Does my print run have to be per '000? Can't I order 700?

A. We provide units of newspaper per 1,000. This is the lowest unit of newspaper we can produce to. If you require a number of units that sits in-between per 1000 units, please order using the unit higher. For example: If you needed 1,700, order 2,000. We can still deliver the correct number of units, however, you will still be charged at the ordered rate of units. You must inform us if you require less units than ordered prior to print, if not you will receive the full order as specified.

Q. What is a page?

A. Silly question? Well not really, we get asked this a lot, so if you did not know there is no need to feel silly! A page, in our printing world, is one side of the finished title. If you were printing a 24 paged newspaper, you would need to provide 24 PDF files, one for each page. Therefore a page is a side. Imagine any daily newspaper. If you turned to page 10, that is a page, numbered page 10. Simple!

Q. Does the quoted price include delivery?

A. Delivery costs are extra. However, you can find out further information easily regarding delivery by clicking here.

Q. What is pallet delivery and how many newspapers fit on a pallet?

A. Our newspapers are delivered via pallets (unless you print a very small order that can be couriered through normal delivery channels). These wooden frames are designed to carry heavy weights and easily moved around via vehicles such as forklift trucks. The maximum weight we allow per overnight pallet is 900kg. Due to the various options in print - format, paper stock, quantities and page numbers, it's best to work out if your order will fit a single pallet. If your order is heavier than the maximum pallet weight you will need a second pallet that is charged at the same delivery rate as the first pallet.

To make life easier, you will be given the delivery pallet to keep so that you can unload your newspapers at your own convenience.

Q. What time will the newspapers be delivered?

A. On our standard Next Working Day Delivery option your newspaper will arrive between 8am and 6pm the next working day from print; this is subject to bank holidays and we are closed on the weekends. On Same Day Delivery we provide committed transport that enables us to provide a more accurate timing for your receipt. If you have not received your newspaper by 5pm on the expected day of delivery please call us straight away on 0845 230 1590.

Q. Can we collect from the Print House?

A. Yes. Self collection is feasible and it has the added bonus that you will save on delivery costs. It's best to use the weight calculator first, in order to check that you will be able to transport the weight. Newspaper print is very deceptive and dense in weight; you will run out of weight limit before space!

Q. What happens if I place an order and decide closer to the delivery date that I can't fill all of the pages? Can the original order be altered to contain fewer pages?

A. Yes. You can edit the order at any stage right up until the point you upload your pages and lock the order ready for print. If you ever need any help, just contact us.

Q. If I am uploading my artwork online, how can I be sure that it is fit for print and there will be no mistakes?

A. Within your login you will find a section called resources, which will provide you with help and advice. We check over pages for obvious file errors; however we don't judge the style or content. Whenever a new customer uses our services we endeavour to help them through the process and test pages prior to the print date, helping to get the best out of every single page.

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